Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Its Going Down / Behind The Scenes

Its going down; like at Republican conventions...the truth was bent per Pres. Obama.. check out the deliberate falsehood...plots and schemes were being hatched behind the scenes! 

Its going down; plots and schemes were hatched; money was the motivation behind the dreams! 

Its going down; O-Dizzle Runs It...he's going off.... something fresh is batched in response; streams of consciousness were harvested! 

Its going down; O-Zone is going off with these good words..I had a whole sack full...but whose checking for me?  there's no response...ready to leave this solar system like Voyager 1..I was almost done...but when my team comes with this others will want to be a part of this! 

Were all up in the heart of this; caught up in the system / matrix; spotted others trying to fake it until they make it...but we're not trying to be card carrying members!

Like old dudes that were retired...rocking Members Only jackets with polyester slacks; were trying to avoid jacks and hacks..plus the machine is hard on us; it folds, mutilates, and dismembers!

.....it tries to crush us like Syrian rebels... but O-Dizzle is cold crushing it..bass, tone and treble is adjusted behind the scenes; similar to timber that's cut by lumberjacks; but these trees were like an endangered species!

Behind the scenes plays were called by armchair quarterbacks; but plans fizzle due to lack of execution...we found out they were just talking feces! 

Please!! some will get hit up like the Godmother of Cocaine.. Griselda Blanco...motorcycle assassins roll up..please!! behind the scenes is where it was all going down! 

The motivation behind these dreams? getting paid..please!! from the South Pacific to Charlotte its going down...whatcha know man?

Meanwhile were getting breakbeat scientific with it;  O-Dizzle is throwing down! as we put it down like this...

This is the rebuttal to those that fake it...behind the scenes they get slick with it...as we continue to fight this...

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