Monday, September 3, 2012

BreakBeat Scientific Business / Labor Day Edition

So whats the deal? whats really going on? please!!  I'm all about this breakbeat scientific business! 

Like the cliche / catch phrase;  I'm keeping it real!! I ignored those jokers who were Obama I'm not mad at them...I'm just letting folk go on about their business! 

ATL an east side hood...what's good? avoiding the drama like Aleppo or Damascus in Syria...letting the hustlers hustle and the players play;  some might feel this..they know what I'm talking about! 

Whats the deal? letting go of the madness /Total Chaos...mental and physical muscle is exercised as we deal with these clones that are stalking about! 

Whats the deal? whats the word on the curb? it's like jokers shooting miners in South danger zones they're talking about this and that;  running off at the mouth!

Chilling in Atlanta suburbs; business conducted with the Mexican cartel and the Arabs....guns and products stolen due to smash and grabs up top; then jokers were running down south! 

Even Joe Biden's U-Haul got jacked...others slacked....Gus and Herbs were just birds flying south during the winter and summer storm!

 ...brothas like me curb appetites; with this good word I'm dropping lights blink on the instrument O-Dizzle will give the drummer some!

We were able to solve the riddle after the mothership landed;  peeped game...the base runner was done!! he tried to steal second base..but was thrown out by the catcher! 

The facebook feed of a brotha was blocked;  face to face with a crook? please O-Dog rocked..putting it down like Roger Federer..he was a big beat batcher!

O-Zone was a secret knowledge snatcher /interceptor..then I hit you up with it! 

Danger residents can go on about their business; as these brothas get breakbeat scientific!


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