Saturday, September 22, 2012

They Were Going Through It PT.7

My peeps were going through in Benghazi running away the jihadists...looks like they were hung out to dry! clothes on the clothesline in the the prosecution rolling with Mitt Romney..check the tax returns...authorities know you hung out with somebody that will lie! 

....or somebody that will cry wolf....fronting on Tiger Woods like Greg Norman....when nothing was popping! 

....or somebody was in sheep's clothing but they were a wolf... now things are tight in these hoods....on the block jokers had contraband..the goods....spectators are looking / stopping!

 O-Dizzle peeps game; cut from a different Clark Howard I spotted speculators price gouging!

 The reign began with a drizzle...some were waiting in the dark like Wall Street  gamblers who were out for a fast buck are lounging! 

We're managing to stay afloat....that's the dizzle...we kept it moving ...we're way way out there! 

......please!! we're transition...others were micro and macro managing like the Taliban...why did they go there? 

Whats up man? who do they know out there? they said they're going to it!

Now whats up? damn!!! now I see them going through it!

Meanwhile were at least acting like we knew...we're not acting like we know it all per Cam Newton...

...word from Steve Smith....and from this wordsmith...all of us are going through it..damn!! whose acting brand new again?

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