Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Checking The Scenario

I was checking the scenario...things were cutthroat like trout..shady corrupt ones were going all out like Ahmadinejad ....I'm seeing how the deal was playing out! 

The system was disrespecting some...like weather satellites falling  their swag / steelo was playing out!

What were they expecting? change or be changed was the cliche; even though there's riots at Foxconn technology was something else! 

Now we rearrange the furniture after the storm comes through ....we're ready to rock them...but others were acting brand new like they've moved on to something else! 

Go on with your bad self!!  they were encouraged..they even got slick like Maserati Rick...but on another front progress was impeded! 

Check the scenario....what are some on? please!! jokers were high off that kratom...did they put away the bath salts?...everybody plays the fool sometimes per Main Ingredient!

Check the scenario...I take them back to school;  I seeded the secret garden...now bear witness to the harvest! 

Check the scenario...jokers drunk all the drank and then got weeded; now they want to start this! 

Checked the scenario...spotted the ongoing nonsense; some blame it on the Pluto / Uranus Square! 

Checked the scenario....other planets were aligned to make it form a T-Square! 

Checked the mass hysteria like protestors in Madrid..we didn't expect things to be fair in love or war!

Let the healing process begin!! as we heal the physical or emotional scar!

Checked the scenario...some are through dealing...meanwhile like Seattle Seahawks others are trying to win...even with replacement referees... 

Checked the scenario...somebody asked me what it do? told them about this breakbeat science...that's the deal with these....

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