Sunday, September 9, 2012

Doing The Math / Solving Problems

I was doing the math; like retirees trying to budget and cut costs; now emotions are mixed...feelings are bittersweet! 

Old dude at the Checker Cab stand in Louisville was tripping...whats up with it? he had notions...he said you have to take the bitter with the sweet...

.....remembered that philosophy...checked it out during the economic smash and grabs like student loan collections, during other hi jinks, and glitches in the matrix! 

Meanwhile colleges increase their endowments...foul with it..similar to dealing with Pirates from Somalia hijacking ships and the retaliation..a foul situation, or similar to being down here in Atlanta building with snitches that just fake it! 

This is no Pirates Of The Caribbean type of dealing...the ditches out in Newburg will take it;  the body of a busy body that was running off at the mouth!

 ....similar to dealing with authorities over in Johannesburg / South Africa where miners were slaughtered..meanwhile politicians run off at the mouth...

Similar to dealing with these jokers here in the ATL from NYC;  after capers were pulled they're running down south! 

We weren't through dealing...were way way out there in the mainstream of mathematics...refusing to fail...Sonic Assaults are unleashed...this is how we roll...we had to tell a joker to watch their mouth!!

We were dealing with a team of fanatics...jokers were uncouth......they didn't follow the protocol...they didn't exercise due diligence; they didn't work the math problems! 

...tripped up by truth or reality; let the healing process begin!!  ..finding out what the deal is after following wrong paths!!  now like the bomb blasts in Iraq they have problems! 

Were doing it!!  but haters said were wrong with this math; they said this wouldn't qualify us for sanctification..please!! this good word plus O-Dizzle rocks them!!  check the steady bombardment...part of our Sonic Assault strategy!

 Doing the math....solving problems... breakbeat scientific?  that's the dizzle for shizzle!!  those caught up in the system / matrix should holla at me!


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