Tuesday, September 18, 2012

BreakBeat Scientific Business / It Is What It Is

Letting the hustlers hustle and the players play; it is what it is...I'm cutting them off like NATO did the Afghan police...I'm too busy handling breakbeat scientific business!

Mental and physical muscle is exercised by this futuristic mystic; please!! I'm knowing what the deal is! 

....plus knowing what the real is / who it is / and where it is!

Dude said it is what it is..Mother Jones told you about Romney; what will the response be?  in love or war whose fair with this? 

Everybody gets a share of this; from Chicago teachers on strike to  like Florida on Good Times; everybody is saying Damn Damn Damn! 

Some will truth or dare with this..doing what they like per Marc Leder...blowing through like Tropical Storm Isaac in Florida; meanwhile like Teddy Riley O-Dizzle will jam! 

The rain will slam the parade; plans fizzle..like Peyton Manning some even throw three interceptions...now we have to regroup! 

The Nike swoop represented no pain no gain for Air Force One or Jordan representatives; what's happening?  khakis plus Crooks and Castle white tees were part of the soup! 

...or business suits like Wall Street crooks..shoes with tassels...facing no hassles...check the flavor / check the behavior;  as the hustlers hustle and the players play! 

As we save the day conducting this breakbeat scientific business;  let the music play!

The old school baptist preacher said let us pray...while the new school preacher conducted business...corporate style...

The old school combines with the new and the next...check us out..were in transition / circulating...as we come with the next...but it is what is...we know the sport is foul...

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