Saturday, September 29, 2012

Damn!! Still Caught Up In The System / Matrix

They were caught up in the system / matrix...what did they Discover? banks were shady per the FDIC...but some said they were amazed by the beauty! 

Meanwhile in Louisville / Newburg this brotha was brought up with jokers hustling / stealing and drug dealing; they told me they were doing their duty!

The whole World Is A Ghetto per War; or George Benson's version..whichever one is working...but diplomatic immunity kicked in for this intergalactic mystic!

 Brotha from another planet?  please!!  the mothership has landed;  freedom? I don't take for granted...that lesson? I think some missed it!

Another joker told me he had the gist of it...but beauty was in the eye of the beholder!

Now he brokers for rights and privileges after finding out what the deal is; due to the information overload when he saw beauty he also saw issues; as the world became colder!

Some became rebels in Syria...but it was just a set up;  soon they're road kill! 

After being thrown under the bus; MARTA / Greyhound or even The Mega Bus;  or even a short one..didn't know that the correct mode was to chill! 

Whats the deal? other jokers faked it....sick like the hantavirus..they didn't know the proper protocol! 

....Now caught up in the system / matrix;  but they still look like a pro to y'all! 

They were trying to ball!! BET Awards going down...whose swerving through the streets of Atlanta? 

 Meanwhile I was chilling / observing the scene; been there and done that.....but some still don't understand a bruh!

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