Thursday, September 27, 2012

All Up In The Spot /Some Were Waiting In The Dark

We were all up in the was like Israel mad at Iran...we're surrounded by unhappy campers! 

Global warming led to glaciers melting in the Arctic...the situation is hot;  now authorities want to bar code / stamp us!

Meanwhile I span the globe...brainstorming...the lamp is on top of the hardhat as I go in; actually I'm all in! 

Strobe lights flash in the disco; as  probes by Mars Curiosity Rover  spot water....I spotted jokers waiting in the dark / the abyss;  they'll fall in! 

Whose calling ghostbusters? ...please!!  was the Ghost Protocol followed....I think jokers were out of their jurisdiction! 

The host was down with Herbs and Busters that drunk the kool aid chilling reading pulp fiction!

Can't trust authorities...boasting about the drug interdiction when I see it still flowing or circulating!

Can't truss it per Public Enemy; so this entity stays in transition / circulating! 

Negative impressions made by those debating; sounding like Mitt Romney and the 47 percent! 

Negative vs positive?  plus vs minus? in the gray area others wear blinders; so who will circumvent?

How you living?  jokers said you can find us waiting in the dark following a hunch! 

.....with sinus problems from snorting coke and bath salts;  hot
wings and a cold Budweiser for lunch! 

Not aborting these missions!! dropping science and math with Sonic Assaults; were rolling!!  the vehicle is not waiting in park! 

All up in the sport? referees and officials bring the drama!! please !! even the replacements...rolling up on jokers waiting in the dark!

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