Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Here It Is

Damn!!!  I was chilling....like Bush receiving pre-9/11 warnings  I thought it wasn't coming..but here it is!

Now Sonic Assaults...are unleashed;  Teena Marie type Square Biz! 

Please!!! O-Dizzle gets busy...plus Random Thoughts are expressed by the Brotha O-Zone! 

Whats the dizzle? little homie asked...I told him to bear witness to what it do....like its in the Mideast...Israel vs Iran...whats up man? we're chilling  in the danger zone! 

Pay attention to the stranger; just a clone..he's ready to blast like James Holmes in Aurora Colorado!

Psychiatrists said he was about to blow his top because hard luck piled on...he was just trying to maintain...but Sherlock Holmes / One Adam Twelve and other authorities didn't bother! 

Whats up with a brotha? here it is!!  ...but they caught me off guard! 

Discombobulated due to glitches in the matrix; but I take it to the hoop like Rondo or Chris Paul....a real point guard! 

Its hard out here!! everybody is going through something..some blame it on the Pluto Uranus Square....its like here it is! 

Whatcha know?  as we go there...whats up y'all?  whether were ready for it or not...here it is!

I don't like the way its going down; but Winston Churchill said there's nothing to fear but fear itself! 

Whose dealing with the church on the hill? maybe an entity that will fear itself! 

You heard!! lets be real... it is what it is and its gonna be want its gonna be! 

Here it is!! as we try to deal with it..meanwhile authorities say they're on to me!

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