Sunday, September 16, 2012

Adventures In Paradise

The moon was in Sagittarius when I wrote this;  astrologers said be adventurous! 

Now its in Libra...we just had the Virgo New jokers go all out!! per Minnie Riperton....check the adventures in paradise to see what the deal is!

 I see ya!! what are you dealing in? some jokers can feel this..they spotted the Bernie Madoff or Jim Donnan type game / shady venture before it was put down!

Broken beats and English explain this; but not beating a dead horse that's already put down! 

Below par is how we play the course; like Tiger Woods when he was in his prime! 

Below par is results for the American adventure in paradise; but its even rough in France...check the "ain't nothing nice" ...its tight in these hoods!! word from Dekalb County authorities that rolled up on the stash house.. just check the crime! 

Circumstances are debatable...being built or torn down? just check the grime / the dirt;  plus the smoke and mirrors when your caught up in the system matrix! 

Atlanta was supposed to be the promised land for adventures in paradise; but these jokers just fake it!

As we take a beat and break check this good word...were trying to take it Up A Step like Hank Mobley.. 

As we take it to the streets like Doobie Brothers...this is what it do with these brothas...some will act like they know me!! 

We're in survival mode...but hip to the Deliberate unintentional participant in these Adventures In Paradise...

Check the arrival...still in street mode while others act false in the hood...whats good? some will tell you "it ain't nothing nice"

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