Wednesday, August 21, 2019

We're Back Up In It (Part Ten)

We're back up in it, charged up the i-Phone, once again it's on!!  now I'm typing this breakbeat science!

We're back up in it, charged up! O-Zone is on it, even though Leo Season is ending as we move on to Virgo season;  will some move on after perpetrating the treason? damn!!  it'll break some people's minds.

We're back up in it, minds not blown this time like the Delfonics we're  rocking this per the HumpDay Extravaganza!! some didn't understand another!!  it's not strange that some we're like Trump talking about a tax cut per the upcoming recession / adding to the deficit / looting  the treasury!!  it doesn't surprise me!

We're back up in it, once again  it's on and it's not strange like Cameo said home girl was even though they liked it / caught a buzz;   it doesn't surprise me! there's no  explanation for  the players making cameo appearances at the doorstep of the daughter of chaos; they'll take a loss even though it doesn't surprise me...

Plus there's an excavation at the crime scene after  jokers front / flex/ floss / swag / splash and drip; they couldn't stand the strobe lights at the disco inferno, but it doesn't surprise me..

Lawsuits presided over by judges in black robes that were like Brett Kavanaugh  already paid off?   what's the verdict? it doesn't surprise me!

What's the judgement? who's waiting in the dark? about to blackout?  these breakbeat scientific probes led to insights that will wake them up!! but it doesn't surprise me!

So what's up with it? we're back up in it, supposedly out here where the prize will be /  in the so called land of milk and honey..

So what's up with it? we're back up in it!! we're out here in another district; is it District 12 where these Hunger Games Peacekeepers try to run me? 

So what's up with it? we're back up in it!! Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday? trying to roll seven, eleven or twelve in the crap game in Victory Park up in Louisville..

So what's up with it? we're back up in it!! we go back to the future, down here in the ATL acting brand new with ya? naw, cousin! this is the real deal!!

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