Monday, August 26, 2019

Next Level Business Is Conducted

Damn!! another Monday Morning has pulled up; excuse us, but next level business will be conducted..

What's up for this Monday Morning? my people are caught up in the paper chase, out there in the database that the next devil corrupted..

We're going on, doing the damn thing!! my brain? frontal, left, right, and rear lobes activated!! due to the domestic terrorism / climate jokers in suits that wore KKK robes back in the day hated!! Tucker Carlson type pundits / politicians debated as somebody lies to me / but it doesn't work!

We're going on, going in / getting it in;  doing the damn thing!! but per attack zone visits we're attacked from the front!! even back and forth like Cameo!! seeing how things flow!!  punishment gluttons chime in; somebody's smiling after they were hit up, said it doesn't hurt!

Jacked out on the streets, while  trying to front?  Trump says the economy is jumping but it's for the wealthy,  everybody else is hungry; the so called tax cut? it doesn't work...

Smacked upside the head!! per music Monday? oops like The Gap Band  joint; I hear Trump supporters / punishment gluttons chime in again!! now saying it doesn't hurt

Back up in it a step ahead in this game, next level business is conducted rebuking the corrupted!! beats will bump up in this sport as we drop the funk on those and them.

Who's nice in the game?  said they're dipping / running the streets like Usain Bolt setting records but lying!! over at the PGA Championship at East Lake struck by a lightning bolt?  it's famine or feast for a fake talking junk like a politician...

"Ain't nothing nice"  in the game when typing this good word but it's part of the next level business conducted; no blue or black ink pen plus the loose leaf is not needed, at least not this time!! those we're "back in the day" methods!! now typing / internal hyping this scripture; the iPhone? it's  on them!

Still waters run deep like Four Tops!! these brothas creep until we reach the top as this next level business is conducted!! it's on,  once again!!

Spotted some trying to creep;  O-Zone is hip to them,  even hip hops on them!! told them Check Yo Self like Ice Cube; they were trying to clock like Black Cube, now the database is corrupted!! meanwhile  a bruh streaks through the universe on the Mothership.

Winning and losing streaks dealt with per this next level business that's conducted!! .a brotha knows how life can get!

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