Tuesday, August 6, 2019

We're Back Up In It (Part 5)

Damn!! here we go again on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way!! I guess you can say we're back up in it!! this is regular scheduled programming..

Damn!! here we go again trying to build up some momentum after the Mercury Retrograde; this good word is dropped and the good music played but excuse us for not slow jamming!!

We're jamming but I mentioned earlier taking it down a thousand due to the  hell caught from Dayton to El Paso!! told you earlier  the devil and his advocates enjoyed it!! they were heard laughing!

We're back up in it, now lessons are  taught by reality;  class is in session!! reality is the main ingredient for this math we bring!

We're back up in it, entering attack zones with this Sonic Assault / on the warpath with this!! some bring the drama so this is the retribution for metaphorical trail of tears..

In spiritual warfare we bring this math!!  trying to uplift the staff / the masses so they can defeat irrational fears!!

This is from the archives, on Martin Luther King's birthday?  I wrote this math!!  previous episodes made us think twice!

A dude survives, praise the Lord!! but on this path? we didn't sing / didn't whistle while we work;  please!! it doesn't even work like that!! "it ain't nothing nice"
We're back up in it!! these days we rise to the occasion,  riding the percussions and this good word!

Karmic repercussions?  some are facing for their past deeds!!  holding up progress like Moscow Mitch and Leningrad Lindsey, so whats the word?..

We're back up in it!! due to what occurred?  the saga /struggle continues...I told you..once again it's on!!

We're back up in it, so what's the business? it's the usual!! brand new funk from O-Dog / .the good word from O-Zone...

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