Wednesday, August 7, 2019

We're Back Up In It (Part Six).

What's the deally?..I'm posted up per this HumpDay Extravaganza with this good word and the sounds; pulling up with the Sonic Assault like a minister of music and defense at the Wednesday service.

I mean really! posted up like Dwight Howard in his prime!! or about to put it down like  Demarcus Cousins joining Anthony Davis and Lebron James with the Lakers; what's up cousin? I see some are down with those fakers like Trump acting like he's showing sympathy in Dayton and El Paso while I'm exercising power like a forward with breakbeat sounds!!  this is how we'll work this!!

We're back up in it, powerful!!  not a coward out here swerving, but who'll pump brakes like Bendix?  who anticipated things, in the Watchtower like Jimi Hendrix? faith is activated? now  it's on you!

We're back up in it, the last hour is approaching, we're saying prayers while encroaching on the promised land; we're at the gate asking, what it do?  

We're back up in it,, naysayers were asking, whatcha trying to do? told them  all of it's out there!! told them go for it, so what's the course of action?

I'm asking them whatcha trying to do? of course the devil is opposed so opposition is expected!!  soon heard the excuses or various opinions like Tucker Carlson calling white supremacy a hoax; of course we have to deal with that faction!

...or they're operating  like the rest of the GOP with their sounds of silence concerning the recent gun violence,  but it's not similar to Simon and Garfunkel,  they'll carry weapons of mass distraction!! some of them concealed!

What's the deally? dude said it's just my imagination running way with me like the Temptations slow jam!! told him I wasn't slow jamming, the aftermath?  bad cards are dealt

That attitude is felt by some of my constituents, unskilled workers struggling!! tempted to say the economy is booming but these so called jos "ain't paying nothing";  all the manufacturing jobs were sent overseas.

Or executives pocket the Trump tax cut windfall, they "ain't thinking about y'all"; hospitals and medical centers billed ya for the treatment, but some still have symptoms of the disease!

Executive decisions are made during the ongoing charades but we're not looting the treasury like bandits hitting up the Mexican Mint..

We're Back Up In It " showing precision, not out here disputing the when we get breakbeat scientific..

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