Thursday, August 1, 2019

We're Back Up In It (Part 3)

Damn here we go again!! check us out, we're back up in it setting it off on this first day of August..

Damn here we go again!!  check us out!! still in Leo Season but peeping game like it's the Moscow Mitch type of treason;  if it's about the "Ra Ra Ra" or "La La La" stuff you might have lost us..

Mentioned doing the math finding out what the cost was, plus I light that fuse!! now the torch is lit for those waiting in the dark.

We're back up in it but I noticed  some were acting paranoid like the Isleys;  was it because they heard footsteps in the dark? 

We're back up in it but I also noticed  per Throwback Thursday some were devoid of funk like Sir Nose;  some never learned to swim or dance!

Plus., some are feeling the void!! unworthy? I spotted them out there rolling with a flashlight in the day time!!  trying to recapture or find the magic / taking a chance!!

Flashlight by the Parliament is heard!! it made some dance!! now the O-Dog Day Party / disco inferno is underway!!

"I know dats right"; that's what old girl said down here in Decatur Georgia over at the Shell Station on Candler Road while she was scratching off lottery tickets; after she checked the scenario what else could she say?

...after realizing it's easy to get played even though they say the economy is better and jobless claims went down..

...after realizing it's easy to get sprayed during the drive by in more ways than one!!   it doesn't matter what vehicle they'll arrive in, it can be the Dodge Charger or even by racist remarks from the president;  haters even tried to play me, turning dials and pressing buttons!! I was hip to the games that went down!!

...after realizing it wasn't my style to impress punishment gluttons; back up in it but your dude is  minding and tending...

We're back up in it, chilling out!! even mentioned being outback but not in Australia!! dropped science on some telling them coping strategies will fail ya!! meanwhile I'm all about the good word and beat blending..

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