Monday, August 19, 2019

We're Back Up In It (Part Nine)

We're back up in it, but is it a state of emergency? sirens from emergency vehicles are heard..

We're back up in it, but who'll work with me?  some say 911 was a joke bears witness!! please!! Public Enemy and  Flavor Flav gave us the word..

Doug E Fresh mentioned all the way to heaven but like Trump vs McCain belligerence was heard from the beloved in reference to the belated; who hated those that have gone home? 

What's up with this / how are we living? Trump said there's no recession / nothing to see here but there's  differences in the matter of opinion!! it's enough to rack the dome!

Intergalactic? oh yes but we're back up in it after studying dark matter /  the dark mystery of time and space!!  sliding through black holes and portals when we roam the universe!

A fanatic planned to scatter your forces!! threatening white, yellow, brown and black souls!! haters were using weapons of mass distraction!! the 1619 Project stating the case of the scenario? some bear witness letting us know it's the worst.

We're back up in it, on this Monday morning; but on Saturday morning it was like the limo from Raleigh Rucker Funeral Home over in Decatur Georgia;  spotted cruising down Candler Road.

Even spotted the horse and carriage from Willie Watkins over in Atlanta; who understands when the trucker said 10-4 good buddy?  he kept it moving, he was in that mode!

He kept on trucking, that's whats up with him!! back up in it, taking Eddie Kendrick's advice

What did the bad luck bring? word from Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes with Teddy Pendergrass!! pump brakes like Bendix "it aint nothing nice" ...

Seven years of it mentioned by Joe Sample? per Music Monday this sound is ample!!  reality is like snakes in the grass; who will get jumped by the jakes? we're experienced like Hendrix /  already knew what it do!!

We're back up in it but reality is brutal!! but I had stakes in these circumstances so I get breakbeat scientific with it, acting like I knew!!

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