Sunday, August 4, 2019

Kleeer - Open Your Mind (Joey Negro Seeekret Mix)

Sunday Jazz Continues on a nice summer evening in Atlanta; we're in chill mode...

Chilling out in the lab / compound / remote outpost away from those that are in an ill mode...

Shady deals? truth not told,  stories will be twisted to satisfy the respective  demographics..

The truth is somewhere in the middle, O-Dizzle will solve the riddle while out here doing the mathematics...

Uncouth when I played it like Kleeer;  Open Your Mind was what I told fanatics but like the preacher mentioned in the morning sermon who'll listen?

Cool with it? this is the Joey Negro Seeekret Mix, disco jazz / jazz funk at it's finest as this brotha  continues to get breakbeat scientific; we're on a mission..

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