Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Next Level Business Is Conducted (Part Two)

Excuse us but per this HumpDay Extravaganza?  we're still out here getting breakbeat scientific; next level business is conducted..

Lose us with that chaos and confusion like Boris Johnson wanting to suspend the Parliament over in the UK;   I see how these jokers are trying to play, the whole game is shady / corrupted..

We're out here struggling cousin!! had to tell that to G-7 where Trump was over there lying!! we're role juggling / multitasking!! told a hater I'm not trying to start with them!

Its on!! wasn't fronting / flexing like cousin with  South Dekalb Mall suits and Stacy Adams!!  we're humping per this HumpDay Extravaganza, this is the blue collar style!! even scuffing up my white Nike Air Force Ones!! chilling out down here in Atlanta / Decatur, a dude from Louisville / Newburg where hired guns will "dearly depart them" 

They're First 48 all stars!! meanwhile next level business is conducted as this brotha scrimmages and spars  with the  apparatus / machine like that movie Elysium!! a brotha from out on the margin / out on the edges;  like living out in Conyers or Marietta outside of Atlanta!

Getting fired on!! ear shattering gunshots exploded from those corrupted all up in the coliseum!! the situation is out of control   like the Amazon fire that G-7 only offered twenty million to fight!! check this insight, somebody will understand a brotha!!

Jokers ride on down here on I-20  in Atlanta, driving for Uber / Lyft and Amazon, but still out here on the fringe with no benefits!! little homie over in Decatur  said dude!!  I understand ya!

Where did the mothership land a bro? just got back from Mars but  there's no brain damage!!  we're back down on earth with these dimwits!! guilt by association on this planet called Atlanta? now a bro manages to get breakbeat scientific!! dipping down I-20 in Atlanta like the US Air Force X-37B space plane!!

 Next level business is conducted as O-Dizzle drops the brand new funk that shakes up the  magnetic field; opposition is met, another homie told me I don't understand you man!

Dealing with those corrupted!! blessed in the city and the field but the thought and fashion police said I was too futuristic!!   told them jokers thank you!! .that's the style of this mystic!

Staying a step ahead of Babylonians, once again it's on!! next level business is conducted, trying not to become a statistic!

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