Monday, August 12, 2019

We're Back Up In It (Part Seven)

Another Monday morning has pulled up on us; now it's the afternoon so I guess you can say we're back up in it..

Letting the music play and dropping this good word is the mission; going in / getting it in!!  I guess you can say we're in it to win it..

What's the deal with it? how are you living?  that's what naysayers asked; I told them please!! we're trying to rebuke the hostile takeover of this territory 

What's the deal with it? how are you living?  that's what naysayers asked; I told them please!! I told them after the Hunger Games Peacekeepers get through we'll all be  subject to the authority.

What's the deal with it? how are you living? that's what naysayers asked!! told them still hungry / thirsty and we're back up in it,  but this month of August has been a trip!! just like the rest of the summer!! 

Trump aka Augustus Caesar has been tripping / slipping / flipping!!  per the bible told to render onto Caesar what is his?  please!! it wasn't Square Biz like Teena Marie mentioned!! word from O-Dizzle, but who listened to that funky drummer?  

O-Dizzle handled business, he dropped  The Gangsta Chronicles!! letting  the masses know how these jokers operate when they're back up in it!!  somebody said don't bore me with the chit chatter!! blah blah blah!! that's what they told me!

What's the score? haters will try to run it up on me!! I collect thoughts that try to scatter after checking my mind / psyche / spirit;  what really matters? per Music Monday " lah lah lah"  means I love you according to the Delfonics!! thats what some told me!

What's the score? actually we're back up in it rolling solo with the Sonic Assault; it's rough out here, hell is caught!! jokers  didn't hold me down when the drama jumped off!

What's the score?  it's probably high like this 90 degree temperature here in Atlanta, but per the vibe? the weather was too cold for me!! luckily during the drive by I wasn't bumped off!

Open up the door, I 'll get it myself per James Brown; it's another Music Monday reference while we're back up in it!!

Open up the door!! check us out,  it's time to get down!! we'll pull up to the building; "beep beep beep" goes the truck, we're trying to back up in it!!

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