Monday, May 7, 2018

Were They Bulletproof?

The saga / struggle continues and its like David facing those Goliaths!! and man,  were they strong! somebody said they were posted up in the dark.

The struggle is real also, even though we misbehaved contributing to the confusion!! acting like we were bulletproof!! back in the day? per this past Derby Day we were  styling and profiling,  posted up in Shawnee Park.

In the Ville!! Louisville for slow learners!!  it was real! now I blast off into the universe from I-20 in Atlanta!! play on player was the encouragement!

What's the deal? what it do? acting like I knew!! these days I say a prayer! don't you see how Trump and his crew are working it? 

They said they started it and they'll finish it!! they said they're bulletproof!!  among other things? ISIS defeated, North Korea ready to talk plus the unemployment rate is low..

 What it do? hope didn't diminish!! we kept it alive per Jesse Jackson!! now we're all up in the action but the profile is kept low..

We admit we're nor bulletproof, were wounded warriors! the ongoing madness is proof!! word to those in transition!! what's their position? they're just trying to survive in Babylon.

We admit we're nor bulletproof, but we will get breakbeat scientific!! the good word  is dropped!! haters object!! they say its yak! yak! yak! as I babble on!

Word!! you haven't heard? the funk is dropped also!  I've got it stacked on shelves up in the lab.

What occurred? I'm not trying to pull my name out of consideration like Gina Haspel check out the blue collar style / mechanical engineering / industrial strength /  sonic rehab!

Taking a stab at it dropping funk on the masses!! no Cambridge Analytica / Facebook  data harvesting / social engineering!! plus there are no Eddie Haskell shady deals!!  

Right hook / left jab at it!! right into the face of a crook!! we fight the good fight, taking it to the bridge!! my spirit is disturbed when a bruh chills.

...As a bruh deals with the madness!! from "Old Natti"  in College Park, Georgia to Nasti Nati in Ohio.

Bruhs work it out like Willie Hutch coming through in the clutch,  doing what we do!! but facing opposition like Israelis spying for Trump, so no telling how it might go.

Going for what we know!! dropping this good word and beats that thump!!  this is part of a bigger plan as we proceed and continue.

What it do? this is what they meant by funk...that's whats on the menu.

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