Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Were They Bulletproof? PT.6

On this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday? some were like Trump vs the DOJ, they thought they were bulletproof..

On this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday? beats will thump courtesy of DJ O-Dizzle!! he'll raise the roof!!

How did others play? opposition is met, so we were caught up in the system / matrix;  soon it was a construction site. 

We weren't bulletproof!! rocking a hard hat and lime green safety vest to build an elaborate fantasy,  but was it a corruption site? 

We weren't bulletproof!! rocking it? oh yes!! I told you O-Dizzle is the mixmaster,  he's  mashing up fantasy and reality  check the insight. 

We weren't bulletproof!! rocking it? oh yes!  O-Zone?  he's an intergalactic citizen!!  the mothership stays in flight. 

We weren't bulletproof! knocking it? oh yes!! hustles were under attack!! look but don't touch was the word from customer service!!  they were like the Supreme Court siding with employers in class action arbitration cases involving workers rights!! they were  arrogant and aloof.

My insights proof that I was a crook who's out of touch like Hall and Oates mentioned?  they told me to abort my missions, they said my manners were uncouth. 

My insights determined my conduct; looked at the products in the hall plus I heard the quotes relating to Republicans vs Democrats in November elections!! I came to the conclusion they weren't authentic. 

My insights determined they weren't waterproof or bulletproof!!  conducts revealed it. 

My conduct? chilling with it!! we weren't bulletproof but we're relaxing on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday..

I call it this because things can go either way, but the effort we put in will be to the max!! after we pray..

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