Thursday, May 31, 2018

Mind Chaos | 2018 Deep Progressive House Set | By Johnny M

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; retro-futuristic movements are made..

The saga / struggle continues of course, it goes back to the future!! was it an illusion / charade?

Who drunk the Kool-Aid like Rudy Giuliani accused Trey Gowdy of doing? who got rowdy with the  Russian colluding?

Dropping funk, moving the crowd will be the O-Dizzle mission, but sometimes we're just chilling..

Listening to Mind Chaos | 2018 Deep Progressive House Set | By Johnny M, trying to get my mind right..

My kind will take a loss, it gets deep but we still creep! check the playlist and the mix, plus per Throwback Thursday?  check  this 20 /20 hindsight..

01. Formel - Cafayate (Original Mix) 00:00 ►Purchase link: 

02. Andras Bader - Aturdido Confuso (Pappa Sierra Remix) 05:36 ►Purchase link:

03. Some Little Things - Algorithm (Original Mix) 11:44 ►Purchase link: 

04. Robert R. Hardy - Story Of The Dark Side (Original Mix) 19:44 ►Purchase link:

05. Nightboy - Broken (Original Mix) 27:12 ►Purchase link: 

 06. Facundo Mohrr - Under (Original Mix) 34:40 ►Purchase link: 

 07. Gaston Ponte - Cube (Analog Jungs Remix) 41:33 ►Purchase link: 

 08. Lanvary - SS 235 (John Cosani Remix) 47:19 ►Purchase link: 

 09. Matan Caspi - Crosswinds (Kamilo Sanclemente & Juan Pablo Torrez Remix) 53:36 ►Purchase link: 

 10. Ziger & Blusoul - Delta (Original Mix) 1:02:00 ►Purchase link: 

 11. Michael A - Epic (Original Mix) 1:08:49 ►Purchase link: 

 12. Seymark - Cosmos (Rick Pier O'Neil Remix) 1:14:04 ►Purchase link:

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