Monday, May 14, 2018

Soul Heaven Radio 004: w Natasha Kitty Katt

Music Monday is underway; let the music play, as  digital crate digging continues..

Confused about it? another play ran by the apparatus as the saga / struggle continues!!

Who's about it? leaky staffers in the Trump administration were called traitors and cowards..

What's this about? beats will thump, check the good music playing!! good word dropped? of course, we're not out of this!!

Any doubts about it? getting over the hump is the mission, we're not playing!! we're going all out for this!!

Any doubts about it? please!! per the US Embassy in Jerusalem  Gaza Strip constituents will flip, they're not having it / not  about this!

Going all out with this? like I mentioned earlier of course! we're  listening to Soul Heaven Radio 004: with Natasha Kitty Katt, catching up on past episodes..

Check the playlist and the mix!! heavenly!! perfect for this Monday evening as we go into chill modes!!

Ollie Blackmore hosts the show, the first hour with deep soulful cuts. 

 01. Soul Slayerz Feat Karina Nistal - Call Me [Vocal Mix] 

02. Mark De Clive - Worth The Wait [Mark De Clive-Lowe Remix]

03. Jimpster - 3Silent Stars 

04. Sir LSG, Clara Hill - Circles [Sir LSG Main Mix] 

05. Alan De Laniere, Tribalizer - 5Believe Me [Tribalizer Mix] 

06. Inaky Garcia, Moon Rocket - Dum Dum [Moon Rocket Organ Rmx] 

07. Souldynamic, Miranda Nicole - For Love [Original Mix] 

08. Reelsoul - Get Myself Together [Mr. V Remix] 


10. Kiko Navarro ft HanLei - Right On [Extended Version] 

11. Natasha Kitty Katt & Twisted Soul Collective - Twisted Katt 

12. Acid Indie Club - Funky Jaws 

13. Sharon Redd - Beat The Street 

14. Misiu - Roll The Dice 

15. The Popular People's Front - Keep Fighting 

16. Cazz Ear & Natasha Kitty Katt - Birthday of Blackness 

17. Judy Hipps - Summertime [TZ Remix] 

18. Moodymann - Music People 

19. Cosmic Bitch - Natasha Kitty Katt 

20. Cat Lady - Fouk

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