Thursday, May 24, 2018

Were They Bulletproof? PT.7

Were they bulletproof? Deep State Conspiracy Theories confirmed by Trump vs The DOJ? 

Where's the proof? snitches like  Devin Nunes and Trey Gowdy will get informed meanwhile going nuclear / getting rowdy per being scorned is the threat per North Korea..

Were they bulletproof?  new to these games like Mike Pence called stupid by North Korea? who's hitting switches?  circumstances are debatable, being built or torn down was the question.

Were they bulletproof? some were tense,  minds were playing tricks like the Geto Boys per this Throwback Thursday;  some are second guessing. 

Providing proof while getting breakbeat scientific? oh yes, that was the ticket for me to cruise through the universe. 

The launching pad was I-20 in Atlanta,  maybe someone will understand a brotha when I hit you with a beat and a verse. 

The launching pad was also inspired by reality aka adversity university studies; no secret court filings like Robert Mueller  I'm still investigating /  taking classes. 

Adversity anniversaries don't stop the continuing education!! per Throwback Thursday?  back in day Abdullah told me it was all game,   plus due to what I'm facing?  I'm still taking chances.

What it do? others are stressing like Kanye West,  as he melts down in the public eye.

Public transportation / transformation?  please!! during the test both Democrats and Republicans will tell a lie. 

Were they bulletproof? why ask why?  like North Korea dismantling nuclear weapons others will front and act like they know. 

Were they bulletproof? why ask why?  because we're nosy,  there's more than what the picture will show.

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