Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Were They Bulletproof? PT.4

Were they bulletproof? I'm looking at the situation like I was Robert Mueller investigating Trump / Russia

Looking for the proof? some said be patient,  but you'll be a hospital patient after feeling the pressure. 

Were they bulletproof? I even felt the pressure!  O-Dog drummed up some beats about it. 

Reality will test ya!!  now like the Gaza Strip due to the new US Embassy in Jerusalem you're looking for peace;   can't do without it.

Some of my constituents are ready to flip!! earlier "bout it bout it"  like Master P,  claiming to be somewhat of an expert. 

Were they bulletproof? I had my doubts about it,  after altered Dutch Master smoke filled the air polluting the network. 

Arrogant / aloof gamblers out for a fast buck lost their shirt /  shoes cars and money at the Louisville neighborhood casino.

Now rolling up in a fast truck trying to rob everybody; a hater / naysayer of Louisville said they're slick like Rick Pitino. 

Were they bulletproof? is like Trump with Michael Cohen, not knowing what the crime lieutenants aka crimies were up to;  you heard me / so what it do? 

We provide proof when breakbeat scientific business is handled,  as we at least act like we knew!!

Were we bulletproof? naw dude!! a fanatic with plans to vandalize our auras stays busy..

...aka the devil and his advocates as they come back with this and that; they stay busy!!

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