Friday, May 18, 2018

Were They Bulletproof? PT.5

Were they bulletproof like Rudy Giuliani  saying Trump can't be indicted? others said don't get excited anything can happen..

Providing proof when we come through with beats that thump plus this good word that will enlighten? anything can happen.

Broke out of L7 square mentioned by Rick James per Flashback Friday!! excuse me from crossing the border like I was in North / South Korea like  Kim Jong Un;  once again it's on! 

Haters mentioned introduction of the Libya Model, we know the dizzle!!  they'll be out of order, we how their squad will do!! meanwhile lab techniques are enhanced by O-Dizzle;  adjusting bass treble and tone. 

O-Zone was at attention he wasn't bulletproof, once again it's on!! the devil is opposed, it's easy to get caught up in the system / matrix. 

In this zone?  some were like Fox News,  supposedly bulletproof!!  were heard saying "ain't that a shame" concerning Robert Mueller knowing damn well that it's all game!!  the funk?  some will fake it.

 O-Zone? I made a break for it, rocking!! cruising down I-20 in Atlanta rolling up / rolling through!!  playing this thing another way,  using unconventional wisdom. 

In the danger zone? I wasn't bulletproof, like I said earlier the devil is opposed!! I pumped brakes then started praying about this thing,  almost through dealing. 

In the danger zone? arrogant and aloof gamblers out for a fast buck were dealing bad hands,  plus the dice were stacked.  

Once again it's on!! were they bulletproof? they dipped in a fast truck as ear shattering gunshots exploded , but GPS tracked. 

Once again it's on!! were they bulletproof? damn!! "ain't that a shame"; like Michael Cohen getting caught out there I tripped out on the outcome. 

Once again it's on!! were they bulletproof?  it's all game is what I told them with the good word,  plus I pulled out the drum!

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