Thursday, May 3, 2018

The Outback Chronicles (Throwback Thursday Edition)

It's going down!! on a Throwback Thursday?  I'm out here cutting grass and trimming bushes, understand me? 

 It's another episode of these Outback Chronicles!!  kicking ass and taking names like Trump if he ran up against the Bush Family

They told him "don't let us catch you out in those streets" 

...Similar to these carpenter bees after I killed one of their comrades trying to drill a hole in the wood on my house?  it's rough out in those streets. 

Similar to the "Jesus was a carpenter steez?  O-Zone is blue collar with it,  hitting up the masses with a little something. 

These epiphanies come through while cutting grass!!  now I "holla atcha" with these random thoughts!!   there's always something. 

Please!! per Throwback Thursday? while cutting grass I'm reflecting on pass episodes with the conclusion that it's always been rough out here!!  Mr. Cole mentioned a dog eat dog / rat race!

I'm not trying to change my story like Trump concerning Stormy Daniels!! we're supposed to be thankful though, and I am even though it seems blessings and curses reside in the same place.

Some will understand a brotha when I say this is for my people that are stressing!! does the Lion's Den awaits us like Daniel? it's going down from Louisville / Newburg to Johannesburg? 

Some will understand a brotha when I say this is for my people that are stressing!! it's going down from Pluto to Marsfrom the ATL to Charlotte / Mecklenberg!!  

We're residing in the same place, staring in the same face of an agent of Babylon!! but O-Zone will go on, minding and tending this property the Lord blessed me with; my face even had a smile on it.

Running in the same race? drones and clones interfere!!  a flagrant one continues to get foul with it, they're on it.

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