Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Soul Heaven Radio 005: Mr V

The Humpday Extravaganza is underway; let the music play, as  digital crate digging continues..

 Getting over the hump? that's the play, understand a brotha? as I've told you the saga / struggle continues..

Getting over like Trump with no charges from Robert Mueller according to Rudy Giuliani? naw!! but it is on me..

Getting over it!! what? the hump!!  charging it to the game then I'll run another play!! check the status, it's on me!!

Oh yes! jokers will try to suppress my movements like Steve Bannon in the 2016 elections!! it's on me to catch up on my pimping; listening to Soul Heaven Radio 005: with Mr V...

Oh yes!! catching up on past episodes, check the playlist and the mix; heavenly!! listen to see what the deal will be..

First Hour - Ollie Blackmore:

01. Werkshy - Save Our Love

02. Groove Motion - Try It

03. Babert - Let's Get Down [Bassline Remix]

04. Mousse T., Lovebirds - Closer to You 

05. Backup Plan - Won't Give It Up 

06. Shit Hot Soundsystem - Funky Situation 

07. Ivan Jack - Gonna Get Down 

08. Soul Power - Question My Love

09. Audio Jacker - Inner City Livin' [Discotron Remix] 

10. DJ John ‘Julius’ Knight - Find A Friend 

11. Dj Vas - The Moment

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