Friday, May 11, 2018

Were They Bulletproof? PT.3

...Like Doobie Brothers we're taking it to the streets per this Flashback Friday!!   what's the deal? what it do?  were we bulletproof? jokers geeked us up, they said it was a cinch man!! but were they wrong?

...Acting like you knew these brothers while out in those streets? who's breaking off a brotha like AT&T did Michael Cohen because he said he could get them open but finding out he's wrong? 

I had a notion, said it's a new me, but soon I was lost out on the ocean with the sharks and piranhas!! out here / out there but it's another realm or dimension.

Diplomatic immunity is exercised!! the economy is bad even though Trump is bragging about the low unemployment rate!!  a dude is broke but I was paying attention.

Who's acting different like they're bulletproof? catching blame like Obama still does with Trump trying to destroy his legacy!! what's the deal? acting brand new with me!! harsh conditioning affected their attitude.

Who's GPS tracking them? trying to dip down I-20 in Atlanta in  the old school  Acura Legend or even a Subaru Legacy? or out there  in the marsh / swamps / the wilderness / the badlands? who's calculating longitude and latitude?

Were they bulletproof? acting cunning and clever like Iran vs Israel!!  per Flashback Friday who's a shrewd /  smooth operator like Sade mentioned? 

Now "doobie doo run run running away"  word from Roy Ayers!! who's ducking and diving goons and henchman?

What it do? were they bulletproof? rolling like John Kelly vs the immigrants, coming through..acting arrogant..aloof..

What it do? when I provide proof haters try to say there's nothing you can tell me!! they say a brotha is uncouth!!

We weren't bulletproof, still dissed in places like Waffle House; we might have to put them down.. 

We weren't bulletproof, but Sunday Jazz and digital crate digging will continue!! using sounds to blast back at the enemy!!  dropping jazz, funk, hip hop and house music when we put it down!!

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