Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Were They Bulletproof? PT.2

What it do? some thought they were bulletproof!! like New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman they thought they  had an exemption.

Now bearing witness to the madness!! heard asking, who'll work with me?  it's like the Red Dead Redemption.

Word from Redhead Kingpin on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday?  Do The Right Thing!! who's really pimping? or maybe even tricking and said it's not because they got it.

Damn!! what's happening? the enchanted /  la la lands turn cold!!  now players who though they were bulletproof  like Bill Cosby and even the "Teflon Don"  Donald Trump per Stormy Daniels will pay the price!!   "playas from the Himalayas"  melting due to global warming? how hot did it get?

Damn!! what's happening?  per their performance veterans in the game have gotten old!! some players  need to quit or forfiet, maybe even cut their losses!! the game has gotten ugly / lacking beauty.

...Some say it's in the eye of the beholder!!  some have gotten bolder they see that it's all  game /  wise to the whole set up!! now like O-Zone they're rocking out another way, now these jokers are acting like they knew me.

Admitting I'm not bulletproof I'm blessed!! still dipping down I-20 in Atlanta rolling with the wise and otherwise,  I'm back in familiar surroundings. 

Admitting I'm not bulletproof I'm stressed!! the saga / struggle continues!! like Gina Haspel CIA nominations the devil knew our weaknesses,  familiar spirits found things. 

The O-Dog sound brings relief; per being caught up in unpleasant situations on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday check the steady bombardment of the enemy position with the funk.

Smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors while rolling down I-20 in Atlanta? oh yes!! player of the year nominations pass me up in the Lexus, Mercedes and the Audi! the ATL is  the home of getting lit or crunk. 

Were they bulletproof? dude advanced to the next level!!  he said parking lot pimping never gets old!  

Were they bulletproof? advancement was hard for some they're running behind schedule!! it's spring in the ATL as I write this so other players  told  them to catch up on their pimping before the weather gets cold. 

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