Monday, August 14, 2017

We're Playing It Like This!!

This is how it's going down on this Monday!!  excuse the catch phrase / cliche.

But some need Monday Motivation!! bear witness,  this is how a dude will play.

Started writing this on a Sunday while on sacred grounds, just trying to get my mind right!!  

Now Monday has rolled around, it's time to get down!! oh yes!! the plays or my vision is clear,  per the 20 / 20 hindsight.

How did I play? using a Fresh View / Fresh Vision is how I'm living everyday in every way. 

How did I play? check the good word dropping,  plus the funky music will play.
How did I play? check these mathematics that are dropped;  will that qualify man for sanctification? 

Check these fanatics that never quit or stopped bringing the drama!! are they like North Korea or Russia facing sanctions? 

Shady ones / fanatics taking it straight to the bank like Bill Summers mentioned after jokers cut the check like Anthony Mackie? 

Justification for the occasion?  per the Deele love on two occasions?  holla back at me!

Monday motivation needed? progress impeded? somebody said ground zero is in Charlottesville..

Justification provided by Rush Limbaugh and other WSB radio types supporting right wing hypes? what's the real deal?

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