Wednesday, August 23, 2017

I Gave Them A Thumbs Up

It's going down!! per yesterday's Terrible / Terrific Tuesday?  every now and then I give the outcome a thumbs up!

It's going down!! today's the HumpDay Extravaganza but per yesterday's Trump Arizona rants and raves I  still kept my guard up; soon pulling out the drum,  beats get drummed up.

This good word is dropped and beats thump!! rebuking charges that are trumped up!! what's up with a brotha?  its too late to charge it to the game.

Reality checks were issued / reality will get the best of you!! per Russia investigations  will Trump catch the blame?

Drama in the vestibule?  the arch nemesis was on the premises after bum rushing the show!!  Obama caught the blame and before him George Bush did;  recognize the pattern.

Check the drama,  there's no rest for ya!!  the old one thing is another theory?  recognize the pattern.

Fights and battles everywhere, bruising / battering my constituents!!  damage done by the opioid crisis manipulated by drug cartels? battle scars received when ghetto superstars holla atcha?

..Or while dipping through the scene in the Olds Cutlass Supreme those down with white supremacy will holla atcha...

Please!! it's not just them, as trouble is everywhere!!  some are intergalactic with it!!  the black holes in the galaxy influenced a caste of thousands...

The brand new funk? O-Dog is blending it!!  influenced by the Total Solar Eclipse? oh yes!! so you know we're ready to house them!!

Actually? we're trying to arouse them and those!! at the end of the day? they'll give a thumps up like I do...

But this dude is still staying on point, due to charges the system will trump up; I act like I knew..

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