Thursday, August 10, 2017

Transition / Transformation PT. 10

It's going down on a Throwback Thursday!! how will we play? we're in transition even though somebody's saying it's all about time. 

Check out the transformation, timing is crucial!!  they told me act like you knew bro,  or you'll lose your mind.

In the meantime and between time? there's no information overload , not this time!!  I told them they're preaching to the choir. 

Per Throwback Thursday? I've seen the times plus there was a time per James Brown!!  I'm putting it down until the last hour.

Per Throwback Thursday?  I remember the titans per Denzil Washington,  now a dude enlightens the masses about Donald Trump and others in Washington  /  crooks on Wall Street and other ground zeroes.

I remember the time we fell in love per Michael Jackson,  but some were like Tina Turner saying we didn't need any more heroes.

Fanatics said we were silly Negroes!! front /flex on mine? the posse mashed out during the action!!! what it do? those jokers try to slow down our transition / transformation

Per the sonic rehab? mathematics are dropped, zeroes and decimals in the equation? answers exposed during the public transportation / transformation..

In the lab?  we get our act tight!! beats and rhymes per the sound and this good word? we've got plenty!!

Front / flex  on mine during the  transition / transformation? we exercise  diplomatic immunity!! knowing that the Lord will defend me.

He'll defend me and you so what it do? we dipped back to the community, spotted in your city on the East Side and on the West side!! you know where we are!  but damn!! the league suspended me because I was insubordinate.

Intergalactic!!  also suspended by the Galactic Federation because it's all about liberation!! now on the Westside of Pluto or Mars with the family in the Mothership!!   we're in transition / transformation!!  lights blink on the instrument panel as I determine the coordinates.

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