Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Messy Essay PT.5

It's going down like this!! but they said I was a hot mess, I told them to just call me the hot messenger.

Coming through with this messy essay on a Throwback Thursday!! what's the word from this hot messenger?

How did we play on this Throwback Thursday?  sonic rehab will take place, based on the external stimuli!!

How did some play? rolling like Steve Bannon's white supremacists? hatred? it goes back,  per history it's always something there to remind us like Confederate monuments!! what's the response to this?  you know somebody will lie!!

How did some play? somebody said its foolish!!  like Trump said removing Confederate monuments is.

Please!!  class / school is in session!!  beats thump and the good word is dropped,  but the Galactic Federation and their agents will oppose!!  reality shows us how monumental it is!!

O-Dizzle gets intergalactic with the instrumental!!  O-Zone wishes things were simple but reality shows us it's not.

Mathematics are studied in this zone, ignoring reality shows!!  nefarious ones were like the North Korea nuclear program as they work on the latest scheme or plot. 
Fanatics are mad at this dude because I didn't go before the zoning board!! out here, sometimes zoning!! soon an epiphany will arrive; naysayers ask, what are you talking about? where did it come from?

Next thing you know?  I have this Messy Essay!! plus,  I'm sometimes cloning organisms in the lab, blending them with the O-Dog drum.

This is how we play!! with this essay and the drum we're spazzing on these and those who oppose us on the road to freedom..

This is how we play!! I saw how others play!! they're razzing others saying they have it made like Special Ed; I see them but wouldn't want to be them!

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