Saturday, August 26, 2017

I Gave Them A Thumbs Up PT.2

The Brotha O-Zone gave them the thumbs up!! now it's on and popping like Hurricane / Tropical Storm Harvey!! it's going down!!

What's really going on? damn!! I was tripping!! when I heard about Harvey I spotted an old dude that looked like that was his name!! wearing shorts , dress socks / dress shoes and wearing a straw hat standing in front of a Cadillac!! that old school style? that's what he was putting down!!

Danger zone business? some are flipping out after the system trumps up charges,  now my people are in pain!! crooked Sheriffs like Joe Arpaio get pardoned..

Danger zone business?  I wasn't skipping out due to the drama I gave some a thumbs up! now this  good word is dropped, rebuking rumors heard that we dropped!! what were naysayers starting?

So how else was it going down?  beats are drummed up as O-Dizzle cosmic slopped!! the sound is weaponized but the queen said choose our battles wisely..

...But trouble came from different angles,  soon plans fizzle but it doesn't surprise me..

Who lies to me? they  gave me a thumbs up, said it's all gravy baby!! but  damn!!  we had to fight like Mayweather and McGregor! a bruh found out otherwise..

The  saga / struggle continues!!  ATL life? Atlanta Falcons fans were dressed in red  and black ready to christen Mercedes Benz Stadium but we're still subject to programs implemented by the wise and otherwise..

This dude surprised some!! in downtown Atlanta rocking red and black Louisville Cardinals gear!! dude from Louisville at the Georgia Aquarium  gave me the thumbs up!!

This dude surprised some!! the ATLien said I was representing the wrong angry birds / dirty birds!! who'll understand a brotha? consequences I summed up..

What's up with it?  they said the Captain didn't rise to the occasion!! they said see he's trying to abandon the sinking ship like The Titanic...

What's happening Captain? that's what they asked a brotha!! I gave them a thumbs up!!  this bruh landed back on earth in the Mothership, dropping mathematics..

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