Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Messy Essay PT.7

It's going down!! damn!!  vibrations are still felt from the Total Solar Eclipse!! 

Plus,  it's a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; how will a brotha play?  out in the stream of consciousness a dude dips. 

Terrible / Terrific Tuesday? this can go either way, it's discussed in this messy essay. 

Per the eclipse? O-Dog didn't bark at the Leo new moon,  but he's accused of barking up the wrong tree.

 In the smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors?  don't get me wrong,  if I move in a different direction. 

It's no joke!! I heard the inside joke but the last time I heard per Psalms 18 :30,  only God deals with perfection. 

Jokers try to stress us in this or that section!!  per Matthew 22 ; 20-22 they say render onto Caesar what's his. 

Act like you knew!! God is already blessing us if we keep it righteous!!  that's Teena Marie square biz. 
O-Dizzle? sometimes zoning, they ask me what's up son?  per this Messy Essay I tell them to just look around.

Sometimes cloning..in the lab working with the drum!! now see where we took the sound.

Rezoning like jurisdictions with voter suppression?  naw!! but check the gentrification!!  where a crook was found? it was once a prime location.

O-Zone will bring this messy essay!! this is not pulp or pure fiction!! there's no fabrication, at my prime in this vocation.

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