Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Transition / Transformation PT.9

We're rolling on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday!! the outcome can go either way but we'll continue to play..

We're in transition like this mornings Atlanta rush hour traffic per Georgia 400, check out the transformation as we continue to pray..

Class is in session!!  lessons are learned from the aggression, will it be like sanctions against North Korea? 

Some are out here stressing!!  lessons are learned, as I see ya and wouldn't want to be ya!

Some are out here stressing like Trump vs Blumenthal so what's up y'all,  what it do? 

The Lord is blessing us as we get over the hump,  he's blessing y'all too! 

Check out this manifesto, not to be confused with the Google one!! not on one accord with the apparatus,  so they play us like Colin Kaepernick. 

It's hot like wings from Zesto's but it's still  going down!! not acting brand new with ya!!  check the status as we come with something breakbeat scientific.

Check the transition; presto!! it's like magic! it's going down,  but based on past episodes I'm wise to the  whole set up. 

Check the transformation after I was knocked to the ground!!  but I didn't stay,  I get up. 

Down here on the ground like the George Benson tune,  but this dude can't let up I stayed in tune. 

Boots on the ground per spiritual warfare? oh yeah!!  but per cowboy movies it doesn't just go down at high noon.

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