Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Messy Essay PT.4

Check out how it's going down!! we're in the midst of another HumpDay Extravaganza..

Your dude will respond with this Messy Essay; I don't know, maybe somebody will understand a brotha!

What's the attitude? some of my people were waiting in the dark, about to blackout;  oh!!  how one slumbers.

What's the longitude and latitude? some are soon caught out there in the system / matrix!! like Hebrews 2:4? soon  looking for miracles,  signs and wonders.

What's the attitude?  taking us under was the matrix architects mission! did he make an impression?  recognize the pattern.

They'll even make some of their own constituents mad and glad  like Trump and the White Nationalists;  how rational is this?  recognize the pattern.

It's going down, but will it be like Confederate monuments?  meanwhile I came back around the corner,  after a brief hiatus.

Surrounded by a Confederacy of Dunces? I gave my old style the deuces but I contradict myself;  still the same OG,  but  per this Messy Essay I'm changing up the game when I play this.

Hounded by the Galactic Federation but I ignored the indication!! bringing this Messy Essay, but it might frighten ya!! I'm  not back by popular demand!! others weren't checking for me.

Due to the latest instigation capers go down!!  getaway like Earth Wind and Fire?  who's wrecking the vehicle for me?

Papers were thrown down on the table!! shady deals made, ownership claimed!!  but the documents look bogus.

They appear to be forged by shady corporations!! our guards are up,  as we approach this!!

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