Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Messy Essay PT. 8

The saga / struggle continues!! what it do? This brotha had to use a Messy Essay to holla atcha!!

The saga / struggle continues!! what it do? earlier? this dude mentioned the Uphill Struggle / battle; I'm feeling like I was on The Battlestar Galactica

Who's asleep? we arouse them out of their slumber!! took a toll on some like  Tiger Wood's falling off; is it too late?

Haters creeped, now microchips were implanted!!  it's tight in these hoods!! gamblers out for a fast buck gambled with their fate..

Belligerence was heard in the debate, but it was God's will that determined the outcome..

Differences made before it's too late? O-Dog pulled out the drum...

O-Zone? he's heard saying once again it's on!! now he's back on the set after an inexcusable absence, this is the return engagement.

Danger zone business explained with this Messy Essay!! but we're not talking reckless like Trump feuding with McConnell or Ryan; win / lose / forfeit? Geneva Convention attendance to determine rules / terms of engagement?

The iPhone said type terms of endearment but I fear it!! please!! while trying to get over the hump we found out there's no justice / no peace /  no compromises!

Danger zone climate? we struggle / fight like it's Mayweather vs McGregor!! the system will enslave ya, but no security clearance is given even when we chase prizes.

Flagrant agents get foul with it, then say Surprise Surprise Surprise!!  like Gomer Pyle! meanwhile  I came back with this style!

I'm back on the set with this Messy Essay; Hello!!  like Lionel Richie and Adele!! check the style!!  

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