Saturday, August 5, 2017

Transition / Transformation P.8

Once again it's on!! we're in transition!!  we're intergalactic like NASA's Orion spacecraft visited while we were in Houston..

Once again it's on!! check the transformation!!  a fanatic will say the Brotha O-Zone is spaced out with this math!! they said it's the recipe for losing!!

Check the transportation, I cruised in the mothership!! I raced out on another path that usually intersects with I-20 in Atlanta.

The pace out here is hectic!!  constituents were disrespected,  plus some didn't understand a brotha.

Life is hectic!! this is the stolen moment part of the game!!  actually?  I'm balancing the books.

Stolen components of my aura are reclaimed like OJ trying to get his stuff back, soon getting his life back!!  malice shown by these crooks?

By using pawn shop components / appliances we rock the palace with hook lines and are own beats!!  also known as the street funk..

Pawns in the game didn't quit / stop staying in compliance with Palace or Capitol commands until Hunger Games Peacekeepers got crunk..

Players in the game get dunks while in transition / on fast breaks like the LA Lakers showtime..

Prayers sent up in the game led to transformation!!  do North Korean fiery lakes await fakers?  it'll show in due time!!

Transition / Transformation when going for mine? like Robert Mueller's Trump / Russia investigation one led to another..

Transition / Transformation? oh yes!! I wasn't waiting in the dark!! I noticed they misled another..

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