Sunday, August 6, 2017

Arts The Beatdoctor ‎- Meditate

Sunday Jazz Continues!! this dude will play the classics plus I've been accused of being futuristic..

Jazz / funk / soul on these menus, plus I might get into some electronic / electro in case you missed it..

There's levels to this Sonic Assault!!  I'm even jazz hopping / not quitting or stopping the next level was mentioned by O-Dizzle..

There's devils involved in this!! Angels and Demons we're clashing while earthlings are cashing in / cashing out!! the reign began with a drizzle...

Who solved this or that problem? Sunday morning type of business called praying helps deal with the hate...

Who solved this or that problem? per this Sunday Jazz type of  business Arts The Beatdoctor ‎said Meditate. 

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