Monday, August 21, 2017

The Messy Essay PT.6

 What it do?  I'm visualizing the sequence!! per the Total Solar Eclipse;  I can see it's all part of a bigger plan.  

What it do? I keep wheeling  / dealing!!  five- eight the height / status,  but with the heart of a bigger man. 

Per this messy essay? I'm taking a bigger stand against the apparatus than the average man,  who's distracted. 

Systems of Survival were unlike Earth Wind and Fires as we bump heads with the empire!  they're flabbergasted by how we acted. 

Upon arrival on so called sacred grounds? I saw how others reacted!!  the gospel song had that DC / B-More go go sound,  plus dude was spitting lyrics / rapping. 

Satellites tracked it!  what?  in the Middle East a so called apostles movements!!  drones were soon applauding / clapping.
Insights dropped per this messy essay? the welcome mat was extended, so I'll take it even though it's not the red carpet.

..At least I wasn't unfriended;  fake ones are like the Hunt For Red October they'll try to start it. 

Word from an October / November baby? the whole game is shady but this Scorpion king kept doing his thing. 

..Like Feds rolling up on Trump concerning Russia  this good word is dropped and the beats will thump as we apply pressure!! the game is over for those acting like they know a brotha,  then they wannabe starting something. 

Wannabe starting something per Michael Jackson? or maybe like the Nat Turner Rebellion?

 Started on this day in history, the Total Solar Eclipse a reminder? who you telling?

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