Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Shadow Boxing (Part Ten)

 Check us out as we drop this knowledge on a Terrible  / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way; this is a concept finale but these principles will be followed as long as we’re on terra firma. 

We’re still shadow boxing! the  internal and external conflicts will continue!

Threats are hostile The Takeover can be foreign and domestic; we already witnessed the Trump insurrection leading to repercussions?

Not a hot style as America is shadow boxing with itself meanwhile we went on with our bad selves! check out the good word we drop and these percussions.

Check out these discussions, while riding through Atlanta I spotted the streetlights shining on those held hostage.

Shadow boxing with themselves at the homeless encampment over on Memorial Drive and Pryor Street dealing with prior episodes that led to defeats; due to broken sunsets they’re unable to flourish. Out in the shadows due to society’s hustle knocking; frustrated / flustered gazing with eyes of amber per the suspension of belief. Out of the shadows? we’ll keep rocking we’re not waiting In the dark ! we’re rebuking the verdict rendered! society was discounting my people like merchandise; no relief?

We’re shadow boxing with ourselves from these Atlanta street corners to out in cyberspace; while I was out there I spotted signals and other transactions!

Similar to fashion and thought police trying to track me; they’re out here sweating the technique; all up in a brothas interactions! 

But we deal with these factions, shadow boxing preparing us for their actions; they’ll backfire! No weapons formed would work!

We’re shadow boxing preparing for the The Conquest   not acting brand new / fronting we’re still putting in work!

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