Thursday, February 18, 2021

Natural Progression (Part Four)

 Bearing witness to the winter crisis down in Texas ; many people find out how complex the sport is.

Check it out, O-Dizzle told y’all It Wasn’t Natural check the progression! not what the Polar Vortex is?

Climate change / global warming ? in this hostile environment change has us spanning the globe brainstorming!

Cameo mentioned she’s Strange but they like her while others were “buking and scorning”.

That’s the Throwback Thursday reference in a world lacking benevolence!

It’s also a Thankful Thursday as we show gratitude; the Lord keeps on blessing!

Check the natural progression, we’re moving forward with cold feet even though we’re rocking some Vans.

Society is stressing! O- Zone mentioned The Temperatures Rising but we’re moving forward into the cold; not just the polar vortex, somebody understands! Check the natural progression; from smooth / quiet to feeling the rage? the sleepy whisper hid the buried anger. Check the natural progression but for some it’s hard to get the gist of it; in imminent danger?

We’re showing Perseverance like the New Mars Rover the games not over check the natural progression!

Making a difference check out the means of transportation as we drop the beats and this good word in this session!

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