Sunday, February 14, 2021

Natural Progression (Part Two)

 I think I’ve told y’all It’s Rough Out Here my people are in need of divine intervention.

Earlier? O-Zone mentioned Diplomatic Immunity  so I dipped back to the community: East Atlanta, but it was just a natural progression.

Once again it’s on! somebody will feel me it’s a big world / universe.

Once again it’s on! please! on this Sunday morning? the Earth Wind and Fire Way Of The World  will make a dude pray and curse!

On this Sunday that also happens to be Valentines Day a thousand blessings / wishes granted to content attachments.

How will some play? check out the sensuality! per a players deliberate deliberations some are catching it. Or caught up in it per the natural progression, now check out the session! valor displayed in the conflict? Check out the natural progression! it will register on a scale used to measure the erotic!

Karma will catch up with some, it’s a natural progression they’re not secure! soon taking flight, said they love to hustle. Machinery whirling in the background like a blue collar old school factory with the bustle! A dollar? when it was all working cash registers were ringing bringing joy! Another facet due to the Coronavirus ? Check the natural progression as jokers got complacent like Trump insurgents rushing the Capitol; victimized by a ploy.

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