Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Shadow Boxing (Part Seven)

Reality has some of us shadow boxing while we’re out here Waiting In The Dark  / waiting on the other shoe to drop or even see if it’s going to fit.

Heard the mockingbird sing on this so called Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way but then like the increase in homicides up in Louisville  somebody tried to kill it!

Whats the word ? O-Dizzle is rocking this thing!! the empire tried to strike back but O-Zone is real with it!

The drama in this zone? I deal with it shadow boxing preparing myself but it got rough though! I left for a minute ; but came right back...putting it down like this!

We’re on a journey; shadow boxing preparing ourselves! moving to the Next Level / the next chapter!

Who’ll work with me? wasn’t caught, rode the train crossed the bridge of thought; interruptions by the next devil having us avoiding rapture?

How were we trying to act bro? Some will try to start a revolution like Trump

Peace treaty signed with my shadow self; now the evolution, dropping the good word and beats that bump!

Shadow Boxing! Bobbing and Weaving like Muhammad  Ali my fellow Louisvillian.

Hustle knocking? jokers were lobbing IED’s; I was accused of being a Louisvillian / Louisvillain

Spiritual warfare? enlisted and civilians can succumb to the shady dealing but O-Zone kept it moving out in the shadows, a vagabond  in the midst...

...the style bohemian per the ongoing Public Transportation / Transformation not spotted in the smoke and mirrors / mist.

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