Monday, February 22, 2021

Natural Progression (Part Five)

 Another Monday morning has pulled up on us; we’re blessed it’s a bonus part of a natural progression.

Letting the music play and dropping the good word? that’s the focus of this session. 

In the midst of Pisces season! but the ongoing crisis isn’t easing per the half a million deaths from Covid 19.

The GOP nice with the treason? still playing their positions with plans for blocking the Stimulus package for Covid 19. 

It’s not a natural progression, but maybe it is for them as they do what they do. 

Check the session as we govern ourselves accordingly per the old school Baptist preacher, we act like we knew!

Big picture peeped; in the natural progression are there  rules of engagement? they were supposedly what the Geneva Convention   established; you might even get prosecuted in Hague.

With this scripture my mind is engaged now check the natural progression as the train of thought is rolling!! now married to the game / the wisdom is unconventional naysayers will say it’s abstract / vague.

McGruff  The Crime Dog already showed us what crime prevention will do: he was convicted of criming!

Did he take a bite out of it or was he barking up the wrong tree? meanwhile was  O-Dog’s insight out of it? like the Perseverance Mars Rover he’ll get over check the timing!

Check the natural progression! while others acted like they had jet lag  we're parking this mothership on was put in to see what it do! this twisted logic was full of jewels!

Similar to word from caged prisoners? even Aretha Franklin mentioned a chain of fools!

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