Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Natural Progression (Part Six)

 Setting the HumpDay Extravaganza off, steam? I’m letting off so the engine can run smooth!

Getting the machine set  so we can work it all out as we rebuke the uncouth.

Part of the natural progression check the session as we work it all out like Congress investigating the January 6 Trump insurrection.

It wasn’t Natural  like the knowledge dropped by O-Dizzle in the sound as beats bump in your section!

Checked out the Classic Aggression   as we come through with this session; overconfident like Shadow Panthers? just watch me!

Bearing witness to the natural progression? others overconfident saying Mercury retrograde Shadow periods didn’t catch me!

But due to the natural progression we’re all out here Shadow Boxing ! due to the immense ego we’re pulled to ground! venomous tentacles that envy those out here flexing / swagging / fronting / where pride is found!

Check out the natural progression as the drama is visited and revisited like family reunions during the ongoing spiritual warfare; even these so called playa playas get injured in the hoods!

Retailers  calls it shrinkage while warriors call it collateral damage; just injured or even damaged goods!

Check the natural progression so what's happening? we managed to survive in these hoods; perseverance exhibited like the Perseverance Mars Rover until the game is over! it’s going down from Pluto to Mars to Nashville aka Cashville to Louisville / Newburg.

Check the natural progression, chilling with amigos and senoritas at Plaza Fiesta on Buford Highway in Atlanta; to chilling with the playas on Beatties Ford Road in Charlotte / Mecklenburg.

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