Thursday, February 4, 2021

Shadow Boxing (Part Eight)

The saga / struggle continues, your dude is still out here shadow boxing!

It’s the Real Deal Holyfield since like Evander I’m here in Atlanta broadcasting from a remote outpost out off of I-20; we’re out here rocking!

Throwback Thursday per back in the day business? Shadow Boxing like Muhammad Ali a fellow Louisvillian.

Going back to the future acting brand new with ya?  shadow boxing in preparation for the shady dealing,

Valentines Day on deck? some are love struck! days are filled with bleeding roses! Foul is how some will play; bad luck? now some are angry / shadow boxing! now some have bleeding noses. Foul is how some will play! from the Edgewood area in Jacksonville to the Parkland area in Louisville a ruckus due to walking through these hoods? Moonstruck? it was full last week  , I observe it per walking through these Georgia woods.

Some interfere with that or this;  but referees didn't throw the flag!

Loathing and fearing are part of that  or this! I’m shadow boxing in preparation! per Throwback Thursday? 
Robert Palmer said you'll be put in a trick bag!

You heard me? O-Zone drops this good word bobbing and weaving / shadow boxing sparring with my shadow! now check it, so what's the deal? now who’s all up on ya?

You heard me? meanwhile in this danger zone the Brotha O-Dizzle  drops this funk on ya!!

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