Thursday, February 11, 2021

Natural Progression (Part One)

 Check out the natural progression; Shadow Boxing earlier trying to resolve known issues.

Plus reality always has surprises that aren’t natural that we’ll have to deal with; the drama revisits you!

Check out this session, will I save you like Eugene Goodman did Mitt Romney?

Check out the Conquest as we deal with the madness; on this Throwback Thursday? dropping this good word and the sound is what the response will be! 

Natural progression? in February the cold winds were harsh, showing no Otis Redding tenderness.

Nature’s narrative? as I stare out the window here in Atlanta the day started in a foggy manner but I listen! its a blessing to be here making this a Thankful Thursday! hip to the lingo, it’s not just gibberish making sense! A polar vortex? the frozen clarity is felt, as the fog represents the apparatus with its Smoke and Mirrors ; it’s not just sensory overload. The Sport Is Complex check the natural progression, so who’s up next? the message? it’s shared with you and me! value what’s told!

Check the natural progression; per Throwback Thursday heard the  Inner Circle  with the theme from Cops;  "Bad Boy Bad Boy!! whatcha gonna do?” act like you knew  when they come for that ass!

But in 2020 from Breonna Taylor to George Floyd  cops took it too far; in 2021 we’re trying to heal the scar but as sirens blare I see  you out here on I-20 in Atlanta trying to dip real fast!

I tried to tell ya earlier about shadow boxing those in the void waiting in the dark wanting us To Blackout 

Check out the natural progression as we rise from the ashes like Orlando it’s Magic; where did the mothership land this brotha? some hear the beep beep when it backed out!

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